WW1: Lives Lost, Lives Changed

An Animated Infographic On An Epic Scale

The Challenge

Lives Lost, Lives Changed is an exciting new exhibition at Canterbury Museum, about Canterbury's involvement in WW1. Click Suite worked on a range of digital interactives for the exhibition, including this centerpiece entry experience. The exhibition needed some kind of introduction to the exhibition - a piece of multimedia that would do the job of giving them a broad overview of the entire war, New Zealand's place in the war, some interesting facts, and finally hitting home the emotional impact of the war through the numbers involved. All this while engaging their attention and drawing them into the rest of the exhibition.

The Solution

Our solution was a huge custom-made wall of 3d boxes and silhouettes at different depths, which we projection-mapped to create a stunning animated infographic on an epic scale. The effect is of a complex multifaceted display, with a world map, detail maps, archival footage and images, animations and infographics. After absorbing a brief history of the war, you're given a series of shocking facts and figures, ending with a somber and powerful reminder of the cost Canterbury paid in lives. With a moving score to accompany it, this is an entry experience to remember.
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