December 15, 2009

One of our recent projects has launched in Temperance bar in Blair Street, Wellington. It uses our "text-to-wall" technology and allows users to text in their name to see it displayed on an animated wall in the bar.

The interior of the bar itself has a Mediterranean feel and the animation that is projected (6 mtrs x 4 mtrs) above a "courtyard" scene, is one that evolves over the day, with vines slowly growing up the wall. At night the scene progresses and takes on a night glow, and the bugs come out to play.  Punters in the bar can text their name and see it trailing across the scene behind whichever bug is dragging it around. 

Simple? Well it looks that way. Fun? MUCH more than it first appears. The first night that we ran a test, we were blown away at the volume of texts the wall recieved. Of course we have a system to handle "swear" words, so we were prepared for people to get inventive with the names they texted in.

What we have really enjoyed is seeing how people use the wall, in unexpected ways:

  • The VJ uses it to ask for song requests
  • People ask for things they can't in person: "Jim, kiss Mandy now"*
  • Marriage proposals and declarations of love are frequent
  • Secrets are revealed: "me and amy shhh"*
  • Confessions are forthcoming: "i had a snog in the kitchen" 
  • and yes, there is the odd smutty remark, some of which automagically doesn't make it to our wall.
It's been interesting seeing how it is used, and amazing to see how very very popular it is - it's added an element of fun to the bar. Most of all - it's added a new way to converse with those in the same room as you - you can say so much more on txt - clearly.

So, head on down to Temperance, try it out. You never know you might accept a marriage proposal (or a snog in the kitchen!)

*real names have been changed - we know you didn't want to be reported!

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