Digital experiences you'll love, and a team you'll love to work with.

Ancient carvings that come to life. A virtual city you can build with physical blocks. A recipe book on your mobile. An interactive website to understand your drinking. A digital library at your fingertips. A mobile-friendly website that helps you find the tastiest burgers in town.

Over the past 20 years we’ve created a huge range of digital work, involving our clients in the journey and putting their customers at the centre of our collective design thinking.

In the spotlight

Here’s a few examples of our work that are enjoying some attention at the moment.
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Flick Electric Co

A new brand has arrived in the electricity market, this one with a whole new proposition to consumers. Our challenge was to convey the information on how their offering was different, to educate potential customers’.

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Burger Wellington

As part of the annual Wellington on a Plate festival, a special range of Burgers are offered to Wellington diners each August. We noticed our foodie friends had gone all geeky on us and created spreadsheets to try and manage the choices on offer. So, we thought a nice, simple, mobile website was in order…

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Whakatane has a new star in town thanks to a few sophisticated tricks of the light.

After more than 130 years away, Mataatua Wharenui - New Zealand's most travelled Māori meeting house - has been returned to the Ngāti Awa tribe. Our role, working with Leuthart + Co, was to bring a digital component into the visitor experience, making it a must-see tourism attraction.

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We’re a team of highly skilled professionals and we cover everything needed to create powerful interactive media. We often start projects at the strategy end of the process where we contribute our industry knowledge and develop an intimate view on the audience we’re working for. It’s a user-centred design approach that helps us create user experiences and detailed information architectures that truly meet users’ needs.

Our design, animation and conceptual skills are second to none, with a fresh new approach taken for each project and brand. We’ve also got some pretty impressive technical skills that have allowed us to create many world firsts over the last 20 years.

We have a wide family of trusted suppliers who also cover many specialist skills that we bring into our project teams when we need them. This allows us to stay lean and agile and yet remain fussy about delivering the very best quality work.


We’re really proud that we’re the most awarded interactive media company in New Zealand. We have 99 awards and finalists placings, which are a testament to our commitment to quality. Typically these awards have been judged by our peers, and reward work that stands out from the rest.

Our most recent awards have been:
Finalist placing / Best Design Awards (NZ) / Scienceworks / Museums Victoria
Bronze / Muse Awards (American Alliance of Museums) / Scienceworks / Museums Victoria
Silver / W3 International Academy of Visual Arts (USA) / Cheers / The Tomorrow Project

We wonder what project will be honoured with our 100th award? Watch this space!